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Welcome to Workbreaker

Change the way you

think about work.


Fall in love with work again.

Workbreaker helps your team to become curious, experimental, and excited in the face of unexpected challenges – and most importantly: love work again.

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Make change happen.

Workbreaker brings your team together to explore once-in-a-lifetime experiences that spark innovation, change, and build trust.

Inspiration to action.

Workbreaker creates immersive learning experiences with your team through business & leadership workshops, discussions, and cultural programs.



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About Workbreaker.

Workbreaker is an extraordinary business learning experience that creates trusting, collaborative, and resilient teams. 

This 8 day program in Lisbon, Portugal exposes individuals to different cultures, diverse situations, and stimulates curiosity.

Today's leaders need a new approach to engage in lifelong learning to help them innovate and keep pace with customer's changing needs.

Our meticulously curated experiences allow you to learn, travel, and recharge to make change happen in your career, your organization, and your life.



An imaginative experience for recognition, learning, and retention.

In 2021, Accenture Song, needed a creative way to recognize top performers. They announced their partnership with Workbreaker with a goal to give winners the opportunity to experience Portuguese culture, focus on personal development and gain inspiration by diving into retail trends and innovation in Europe. Chief of People & Culture says, "The friendships formed, the discussions on courage and risk-taking and getting to experience another beautiful and unique culture together was a one in a lifetime experience."


"I'm excited about work again."

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The Experience.

What happens when you blend the inspiration of travel with the challenge of learning?  You uncover change that moves your business and career forward.

Each program slightly varies based on time of year, but here's a general idea of what to expect.


Day 1 - Saturday

Arrive in Lisbon

Check in to your apartment

Rest & recharge from travel


Day 4 - Tuesday

Individual work time


Personal time to explore Lisbon on your own

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Day 7 - Friday

Leadership Series Workshop

Program Closing Dinner

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Day 2 - Sunday

Secrets of the City: walking tour of Lisbon

Program Kick-off Dinner


Day 5 - Wednesday

Leadership Series Workshop

Individual Work Time


Cultural Event


Day 8 - Saturday

Depart Lisbon


Day 3 - Monday

Leadership Session


Individual work time


Cultural Activity


Day 6 - Thursday

Day trip to Sintra


See you in Lisbon?

What's included.


Feel like you're at home while abroad with your own apartment in the heart of the city. No sharing of common spaces and we select locations that allow you to fully experience the local culture.

Work Space

You will have access to your own work space with everything you will need to do your regular job. The program is set up for you to have dedicated time to work during the week if you need to attend to things back home.

Cultural Activities

Our carefully curated cultural events allow you to discover and play in Lisbon, differently than the average tourist. From off-the-beaten path social events to guided tours, you'll experience a personalized vacation after work. You'll have a perfect mix of planned activities and personal time to explore on your own.

Accelerate towards being a company that stands RESILIENT in whatever tomorrow brings.

Black Women Leading Program

The Work Space.

Your office space for the week will be at Second Home - a social business with a mission to support creativity and entrepreneurship in cities around the world.


Discover the innovative community at Second Home Lisboa along the banks of the Tejo River in the heart of the Lisbon. We believe great things happen when different industries and ideas collide, which is why Second Home carefully curates the community – creating a diverse mix of entrepreneurs, charities, corporations and fast growing companies in the space. 

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What They've Said

88% of participants in 2023 said they discovered new ideas that will help them improve their work.



93% of participants from 2019-2023 said they feel more engaged and inspired in their work.

100% of participants in 2023 said they would recommend Workbreaker to friends and colleagues.



Participants rated Workbreaker 9.6 on a scale of 1-10 with overall program satisfaction.


Most unique and valuable investment

"I am as excited about this program as I was the first time we talked about it and I truly believe this is one of the most unique and valuable investments we could have made for these 6 amazing winners, but also our organization"


Exactly what I needed to feel recharged

"This experience helped showcase the importance of cross-collaboration in the workplace and how, no matter what role you have in the company, you can always find ways to relate and work together. This experience was exactly what I needed to help me feel recharged about work and excited about the possibilities moving forward!"

Opened my eyes to collaboration

"Workbreaker opened my eyes to the importance of coming together with people outside of my immediate team to collaborate and share ideas. The week-long session was a life-changing experience; a perfect balance between professional development sessions and the freedom to explore a new city abroad."

Changed the way I look at the world

"Workbreaker for Black Women was a uniquely curated experience that took me on a personal and collective journey for myself and the brilliant women that I met on this cohort.This was such an amazing growth experience that has forever changed the way I look at the world!

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