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Bring Your Work to Portugal for 1 Week

Many of us are craving for travel experiences but struggle to find the balance between taking vacation time and the dreaded playing "catch up" upon return. What if you can live in Lisbon, Portugal for a week and still have the opportunity to take care of things back at home? We created the Workbreaker program specifically for people who have semi-flexible jobs, want to travel more, and also focus on leadership development.

1 Week Work Abroad Experience

There are amazing companies out there doing similar work as we are, however, the time commitments for traveling range anywhere from a month to a year. This works great for digital nomads or the 100% remote job individuals, but unfortunately taking weeks or months off away from the home office isn't a reality for many. "I could tell my manager that I'm working remotely for a week or two, but if I said a few months, it wouldn't go over very well," says Nicole, a marketing director in Denver.

Workbreaker is the perfect mix of travel, work, and learning. Participants have office space in an inspiring location in Lisbon, their own apartment, and planned leadership development activities. "This is what made the biggest difference for me – I didn’t have to take time off from my 'real' job to make time for this program. I was able to experience a new city, meet new people, explore new parts of my own profession while rooted in my day-to-day responsibilities," says 2019 participant Whitney, "Adventure, but skip the guilt, the 'Sunday scaries,' and apologizing to the boss."

Yes, you will learn!

I believe that in order to prepare ourselves for the future (and be really great at our jobs), we should always be in constant learning and development mode. I spent a decade at a fortune 100 company leading various leadership development programs. I often see "networking with like-minded individuals" as a development offering, but to me this falls flat in truly learning new skills and behaviors that help us grow and thrive. Throughout the week, I host facilitated leadership sessions that focus on understanding customer journeys and business challenges, understand shifting trends, identify value gaps and articulate your biggest opportunities for new personal development potential

Whitney sums the program the best - "The location alone makes Workbreaker worth it, but the program also offers well-constructed curriculum, personalized coaching, and enriching cultural experiences. It’s a truly unique and worthwhile adventure for professionals who care to expand their worldview. "

See you on the next trip! - Dan 

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