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Choosing a name for your new company may be the hardest part!

Choosing a name for a company or program may be the hardest part! I recently met up with a former colleague from Target as she launches her new company. I asked her what went into her new company's name Bolster Leadership and she in returned asked about the companies or initiatives I've launched over the years. To answer question, here is what went into a few of my names:

Workbreaker: it's a program that breaks the way that many of us view the way we work. Participants are able to take a travel break, but also work. It's about smashing some of the beliefs we have about how and why we work.

The Late Majority: My job is to bring people and companies out of the late majority section on the diffusion curve of innovation (google it) up to the early majority or even better, the innovators and early adopters!

CUE4: This event was at the start of Q4 - the busiest time in retail. I always had 4 themes I used in designing content based on what challenges participants were facing in the their business that year. CUE also was a acronym for Consumer Understanding and Empathy.

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