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Workbreaker's Favorite 3 Coffee Shops in Lisbon

Lisbon emerges as a captivating contender among the world's captivating coffee cities, driven by two compelling forces. Firstly, Portugal's rich history as a colonial and maritime powerhouse has bestowed upon its relatively compact capital a tapestry of global influences across centuries. A number of cafes proudly curate their offerings exclusively from beans sourced from distant former colonies like São Tomé and Príncipe, infusing each cup with a sip of history. One notable establishment that encapsulates this historical connection is "A Brasileira," a renowned cafe nestled in Lisbon.

Secondly, the recent surge of tourists and digital nomads flocking to Lisbon has injected an unprecedented cosmopolitan flair into the city's coffee scene. This surge has brought with it not only a diverse array of cultural influences but also a demand for spaces that cater to freelancers, complemented by a penchant for the nuanced charms of third wave coffee culture.

It’s true you can find coffee anywhere in Lisbon, from the kiosks to every café, but to keep simple, here are our top 3:

Baobá Cafe Portugal

Neighbourhood Cafe Lisbon


Baobá Café Bica

Baobá owes its name to Fazenda Baobá, in Brazil, in São Sebastião da Grama, in the state of São Paulo, where the green beans come from. The roasting is done in this space in Lisbon and everything is explained to customers with disarming friendliness.

Location: Rua de São Paulo 256

Neighbourhood Cafe Lisbon

We have to admit, we were a bit surprised when we ordered in Portuguese and the waiter didn’t speak any… but then again, these days in Lisbon, it’s becoming more common. Wonderful space with amazing breakfast and lunch foods with outdoor seating.

Location: Largo do Conde Barão 25

Hello, Kristof

A Nordic-inspired space with plenty of tables for work and an international magazine selection that would take the better part of a week to flip through.

Location: Rua Poço dos Negros 103

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